Jul 012015

Week 3 for Ness City Public Libray Readers was a fun filled one!  On Tuesday, Dan Dan the Magic Man and his two side-kicks (sons) arrived at the Methodist Church and presented an awesome show of entertainment and magic!  Several kid in the audience participated and of course Dan Dan had a few of his special trick pets with him, a hamster name ‘Flash’ was the speediest thing on paws, and a beautiful white rabbit kept disappearing.  In the end all the animals were back in their homes.

Friday brought out eleven the first and second graders for their ‘activity day’.  We met here at the library and had a great time.  Hero sun catchers were painted by each child.  Ms. Jean read the book, “Lucy and the Bully” by Clair Alexander.   The children had to decide who they thought was the hero in the book.  The kid came up with several heroes and described why the felt they were a hero.  The next book was about real life heroes – policemen.

The children created red, white and blue bees and butterflies with foam craft, they turned out really cute.  Everyone enjoyed the snack of some-more dip and graham cracker with fruit-punch juice.  We ended the activity time with a game of “Extinguish the Flames.”  Two teams tried to get their bean-bag to land on a paper flame, which extinguished it and gave their team a point.  The boys had the red flames and the girls had the yellow flames.  It was a very close race!

We were having so much fun we forgot to hand out the ‘goodie bags’ to the children.  So if you attended the activity time for first and second graders, please stop by and pick up your bags.

Also check to see if you were a winner for the prize drawing last week, we still have some prizes that have not been picked up and it time to draw more name for this week’s prize drawing.

Friday, July 3, will be the summer reading activity day for 3rd and 4th grade students.  Be sure to call and let us know you are coming, we don’t want to be short on craft supplies or FOOD!


Jun 232015

2015 Dan Dan Magic Man 007


Week 3 of our “Every Hero Has a Story”  Summer Reading Program has begun!  Dan Dan the Magic man presented his “What is a real hero?” program  on Tuesday, June 23rd.  We had a nice group in attendance and miss those of you who couldn’t make it.  More free books were given away through our partnership with Scholastic Books.

First and Second Grade summer reader’s it your activity day here at the library on Friday, June 26th.  We do need to know if you are planning to attend, so we can have enough craft supplies and food for everyone.  Give us a call at 785-798-3415 by Thursday, June 25 at 5 p.m. if you plan to be here!

Continue bringing in your reading records, the more books you have in the box the better your chance is for winning a prize!

Week #1 winners were:  T-Shirts – Alex Randa & Gracie Karst; Hero Book – Weston Smith; Pre-school & Kindergarten – Isaiah Fitzgerald & Hunter Stenzel; First Grade – Trinity McAlister & Joshua Brookshire; Second Grade – Emma Karst; Third Grade – Monica Jordan & William Childers; Fourth Grade – Gracie Karst; Fifth Grade – Zoe Seib.  There were no 6th Grade entries.

Week #2 winners were: T- Shirts – Monica Jordan & Taylor Gross; Hero Book – Sadie Durhan; Preschool & Kindergarted – Samuel Coleman & Tenley Wittman; 1st Grade – Joanna Coleman & Joshus Brookshire; 2nd Grade Malachi Durham & Kaycee Gross; 3rd Grade – Monica Jordan & Chailyn Scott; 4th Grade – Gracie Karst & Taylor Gross.  There were no 5th or 6th Grade entries.

If you haven’t picked up your prizes, stop by at your earliest convenience.

Clink on the Summer Reading tab at the top of our home page to see all of the pictures from the Dan Dan the Magic Man program.

Summer Reading Program Off to A Great Start!

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Jun 172015

Ness City Public Library’s “Every Hero has a Story” summer reading program is underway!  We had twelve readers turn in their “hero image” for our kick off contest.  Each child received a prize for their creativity.  If you’d like to see a great variety of heroes, stop by the library and view them!

Matt Deighton & Molly

The first day of our summer reading program (6/9/15), we were please to host Matt Deighton, author of the children’s book “Molly and the Tornado.”  Matt, a Greensburg resident, and his faithful Dalmatian Molly were in the storm that leveled Greensburg eight years ago.  Matt read his book to the children attending and talked about that fateful day and the many people who were affected by this storm.  Since that day, Matt and Molly traveled around the world helping people who have gone through various types of natural disasters.  Molly has since gone to doggie heaven, but Matt still aids communities in need, and continues to write books.  We had a small group of seven children and three adults, but those who came seemed to have a great time.


031This week(6/17/15) we were entertained by Savannah Ball, Consultant with the Southwest Kansas Library System.  Savannah read a book about ‘Super Why’ a fiction super hero who makes reading empowering.  ‘Super Why’ made a personal appearance and helped the children solve a rhyming game and he and Savannah played a form of ‘Simon Said’ with the children.  The kids were invited to come up and shake hands or hug Super Why and have their pictures taken if they wished.  You can view the pictures on our library web page at nesscitylibrary.org.





After Super Why and Savannah left, the kids enjoyed designing masks and super-heroes by scratching off the black wax and revealing a colorful pattern.  Twenty-five children and 7 adults attended this activity.  Thank everyone for coming!

Next week, June 23, Dan Dan the Magic Man will present his ‘What is a true hero?’ program to our summer readers.

Remember that if you are a student of Ness City Elementary, you can take AR tests here at the library over the books you are reading.  The points you earn will be added to your record at school this fall.  The Accelerated Reader program is made available through U.S.D. 303 who has a subscription for the on-line testing for their students.

Check out more photos by clicking the Photo Shots tab at the top of the page and go to “Every Hero Has a Story.”




Accelerated Reader Tests

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Jun 122015

Ness City Elementary students (1st – 6th grades, grade completed) may take Accelerated Reader test here at the library beginning June 9th through August14th!

This service is a partnership between U.S.D. #303 (who subscribes to on-line AR) and the Ness City Public Library.  Thanks to Mrs. Coline Marcus, school librarian, for setting this up.

Every Hero Has a Story

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Jun 022015


The Ness City Public Library Summer Reading Program will begin on Tuesday, June 9th.  Our kick off program will be Matt Deighton, author of a children’s book, “Molly and the Tornado.”  This program is for children first through sixth grade and the ‘Wee Readers’ are preschool through Kindergarten (year completed) and will be held at the United Methodist Church Tuesday morning.  Parents must enroll their children at the library.


Matt and his dog Molly, a real hero, were a part of the rescue and clean-up following the Greenburg tornado several years ago.  We are excited to have Matt visit with the kids about his book and the devastating tornado.


Other programs planned during the six-week time frame are a visit from ‘Super Why’ (based on the fictional PBS character) Dan, Dan the Magic Man – “What is a true Super Hero?” and activities, games, food and fun with the individual groups enrolled in summer reading.  We will be ending our summer reading program with a “Heroes’ Farewell” at the swimming pool on Saturday, July 18th and we have a lot of prizes to give away during our ‘Every Hero Has a Story’ summer reading events.  Sure hope you are enrolled so that you can join us in learning about fictional and real-life heroes, working to keeping or improving your reading skills and having a lot of fun at the same time!

Accelerated Reading Quizzes Available

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Jun 022015

Mrs. Schlegel, Ness City Public Library Director, and Mrs. Marcus, U.S.D. #303 Librarian, are pleased to announce that the Ness City Public Library has a temporary summer site license for the Accelerated Reading Program which may be used by USD 303 students in last year’s grades one through 11.  The program will be available for use from June 9 through August 14.  We look forward to students coming in to take quizzes this summer.  Ness City Public Library books are marked with AR reading levels that match those at school.

Parents, your child must have a Ness City Public Library card in order to take test here at the library.  Library cards are FREE, but the parent must come to the library to apply for a card for their child.

Time to Enroll for the Summer Reading Program

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May 152015

Parents, it is time to enroll your children in our up-coming summer reading program, “Every Hero Has a Story.  Stop by the library between, May 19 -29, to fill out the enrollment form and receive the summer reading information packet.  This program is FREE and is open for  preschool through sixth grade (year completed)  boys and girls.
The program runs for six weeks beginning June 9th and ending July 18th.  Our program schedule includes Matt Deighton, author of “Molly & the Tornado,” ‘Super Why’ visit, and ‘Dan, Dan the Magic Man’.  We also will have activities, stories, games and crafts for first through sixth grades.  We will end with a party on the last day. Questions, call 785- 798-3415.

PURPLE UP! for Military Kids

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Apr 072015


Kansas military youth, like their parents, are resilient and take pride in their service to our country.  They deserve our appreciation and support.  The month of April provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the service of our youngest heroes; military children.  Established by former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger in 1986, the designation of April as the ‘Month of the Military Child’ acknowledges the significant role military youth play in our communities.


Kansas: Operation Military Kids (OMK) was formed nearly 15 year ago as a unique support system to help military families.  The Ness City Public Library will be giving out bookmarks and seed packets donated by Kansas: OMK as a way of recognizing the contribution and sacrifices of military youth in Ness County.

Kansas: Operation Military Kids also invite you to join them for the 5th annual Purple Up! for Military Kids celebration by wearing purple on Wednesday, April 15th.  This is a very visible way to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices.  Purple symbolizes all branches of the military, as it is the combination of Army green, Marine red, and Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force blue.

We have contacted the school for the names of our Ness County military kids, however, if anyone knows of a military child/children living in Ness County that does not attend Western Plains, Ness City or Sacred Heart schools, please contact the Ness City Public Library at (785)798-3415 and give us the names of the children.

PlayAways now available at your library!

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Mar 202015

If you’re starting a new exercise program or faithfully continuing your old one, perhaps you would enjoy listening to a great book as you jog, walk, run, or maybe just cleaning  house or working in the yard.  Ness City Public Library has Play-a-Ways to check out.  Come by and ask about them.  All you need is a pair of ear-buds and you’re off!  Just another way to enjoy a good book and doing whatever you enjoy doing at the same time.001

Animals All Around Us Story Time

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Mar 202015

Spring story time at the Ness City Public Library is in full swing.

The first week we read “Dear Little Fish,” by Andre` Dahau; and had fun making shiny fish from used CDs.  The second week we read” What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts this Way?” by Jane Belk Moncure.  Our craft was creating a monkey mask.  Everyone had fun making fish faces and acting like monkeys!  You know, kids and monkey do have a lot in common, and that goes for us big kids, too!

Be sure and check-out our Story Time Photo Page.