May 152015

Parents, it is time to enroll your children in our up-coming summer reading program, “Every Hero Has a Story.  Stop by the library between, May 19 -29, to fill out the enrollment form and receive the summer reading information packet.  This program is FREE and is open for  preschool through sixth grade (year completed)  boys and girls.
The program runs for six weeks beginning June 9th and ending July 18th.  Our program schedule includes Matt Deighton, author of “Molly & the Tornado,” ‘Super Why’ visit, and ‘Dan, Dan the Magic Man’.  We also will have activities, stories, games and crafts for first through sixth grades.  We will end with a party on the last day. Questions, call 785- 798-3415.

PURPLE UP! for Military Kids

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Apr 072015


Kansas military youth, like their parents, are resilient and take pride in their service to our country.  They deserve our appreciation and support.  The month of April provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the service of our youngest heroes; military children.  Established by former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger in 1986, the designation of April as the ‘Month of the Military Child’ acknowledges the significant role military youth play in our communities.


Kansas: Operation Military Kids (OMK) was formed nearly 15 year ago as a unique support system to help military families.  The Ness City Public Library will be giving out bookmarks and seed packets donated by Kansas: OMK as a way of recognizing the contribution and sacrifices of military youth in Ness County.

Kansas: Operation Military Kids also invite you to join them for the 5th annual Purple Up! for Military Kids celebration by wearing purple on Wednesday, April 15th.  This is a very visible way to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices.  Purple symbolizes all branches of the military, as it is the combination of Army green, Marine red, and Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force blue.

We have contacted the school for the names of our Ness County military kids, however, if anyone knows of a military child/children living in Ness County that does not attend Western Plains, Ness City or Sacred Heart schools, please contact the Ness City Public Library at (785)798-3415 and give us the names of the children.

PlayAways now available at your library!

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Mar 202015

If you’re starting a new exercise program or faithfully continuing your old one, perhaps you would enjoy listening to a great book as you jog, walk, run, or maybe just cleaning  house or working in the yard.  Ness City Public Library has Play-a-Ways to check out.  Come by and ask about them.  All you need is a pair of ear-buds and you’re off!  Just another way to enjoy a good book and doing whatever you enjoy doing at the same time.001

Animals All Around Us Story Time

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Mar 202015

Spring story time at the Ness City Public Library is in full swing.

The first week we read “Dear Little Fish,” by Andre` Dahau; and had fun making shiny fish from used CDs.  The second week we read” What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts this Way?” by Jane Belk Moncure.  Our craft was creating a monkey mask.  Everyone had fun making fish faces and acting like monkeys!  You know, kids and monkey do have a lot in common, and that goes for us big kids, too!

Be sure and check-out our Story Time Photo Page.


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Nov 262014

The Ness City Public Library Board of Trustees and staff invite you to stop by the library on December 2nd between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to see our newly remodeled lobby and circulation area.  The center room has a fresh coat of paint and new carpet in the work area; as well as a new circulation desk, work stations and beautiful cabinetry that have been built with funds from the Ralph and Claretta Pfannenstiel memorial and a generous donation left to the Ness City Public Library Foundation from their estate.  Claretta served on the NCPL  board for a number of years and remained a loyal library supporter until her passing 2011.

Enjoy some refreshment and see the many services that the library has to offer the residents  of Ness City and surrounding area.


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Nov 212014

This past week, November 17-22, was Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Week.  Each year a children’s book is selected to be read to every preschooler in the state of Kansas by librarians throughout the state.

This years’ book was, “Is Everyone Ready for Fun?” by Jan Thomas.  Jean Schlegel from the Ness City Public Library packed up her library bag with books, puppets, a musical CD & player, and other storytelling props and set out to visit the area preschools.

Her first day, she visited the morning and afternoon classes at the Ness City Preschool.  On Thursday she attended the Sacred Heart Preschool.  And on Friday she traveled to the Western Plains South preschool at Bazine.  At each stop she read the chosen book to the children, then we re-read the book and the children acted the characters out by pretending they were the cows who JUMPED, DANCED, WIGGLED AND NAPPED on chicken’s sofa.  Next we had fun wiggling to the song, “I Can Wiggle” – and you can be assured that those preschool children really know how to wiggle!

We ended our time together by playing a game.  Chicken loves to hide behind the sofa, but which sofa is he behind?  The children had to guess which color sofa chicken was hiding behind.  Was it the red, blue, yellow, green, orange, or purple sofa?

The Ness City Public Library provided each child with a copy of the book so that they can continue to JUMP, DANCE, WIGGLE, and NAP with the cows and chicken anytime they want to.

Thanks to all 46 children for being such great listeners and the teachers, Mrs. Brenda Horchem, Mrs. Lona Ratliff, and Mrs. Tracy Ritchie for letting me come and have fun with your classes.


Fall Story Time Fun!

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Oct 312014

We just completed the fifth week of our fall story time, next week will be our last session.  We have had a great time with the children.  This week we read, “The Pumpkin Patch Parable” by Liz Curtis Higgs,  This is the story of a farmer who grows many kinds of vegetables, but his favorite is the pumpkin.  The children can see how pumpkins develop from the seeds planted in the soil to the various shapes and sizes of bright orange pumpkins.  The farmer shares his pumpkins with his neighbors by making jack-o-lanterns out of some of them.

The story time children decorated a real pumpkin that was given to them by Miss Laurie.  Next we decorated an empty water/milk cartons by creating faces with different shapes of black masking tape.  An orange glow stick was inserted into the  cartons and when turning out the lights we had a variety of glowing jack-o-lanterns.  An extra glow stick was sent home with each child so they could have a lighted jack-o-lantern on Halloween.

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Fifth Graders Visit Dr. Einstein’s Lab & Café

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Jul 052014

The final class activity for the Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading Program brought four fifth graders to Dr. Einstein’s Laboratory and Cosmic Café.

Don’t let anyone tell you that 5th graders are to old to read to –  they are not!  Dr. Einstein (Jean) read the book, “It’s a tornado” and we had some good discussion about tornados.  We finally rounded up just enough bottles so that they could create ‘tornados’ in a bottle.  This time we didn’t have the food coloring, but decide that we could see the rotation of the debris better with just the clear water.  The kid enjoyed decorating their treasure boxes, and creating unique sand art in small light bulb shaped bottles.

Dr. Steinein (Laurie) preformed an experiment with a plastic bottle that she had drilled a hole in, filled it with water and put on the cap.  When she uncovered the hole the water did not come out through the hole.  The pressure in the bottle held it in.  Squeezing the bottle or releasing the cap allowed the water to escape.  The kids also had fun sorting the pepper flakes from the salt crystals by using static electricity.  The library has a great selection of scientific experiment books.  Many of them use things you can find around the house.

The special four-course meal was served to the participants.  Some of the favorites were Quark Soup, Petrie Dish, Proton Pie and Titanium Electrons – pudding, pizza, Oreo cookies, and M $ Ms respectively.

While they ate their four-course meal, Jean asked each child to give her an example of a noun, verb, adjective, etc. which ended up composing a very funny story entitled “Fizz, Boom, Eat!”

5th grade 2014 SR 001 - Copy 5th grade 2014 SR 002 - Copy 5th grade 2014 SR 004 - Copy 5th grade 2014 SR 005

Kevin Horner Ventriloquist/Illusionist Performs for Summer Readers

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Jun 272014

What a great time the Ness City Library Summer Reader’s had this past week with Kevin Horner, ventriloquist/illusionist, and his puppets: the rabbit in the hat, Coconut the monkey and Sheldon the turtle.

Mr. Horner is a three time ‘Peoples Choice Award’ winner in the art of ventriloquism.  He resides in Bonner Springs, Kansas, and travels throughout eight states to perform for schools, libraries, corporations and the military.

Kevin presented a delightful program to 27 children and eight adults at the United Methodist Church on June 25th.   Following the program, children had a chance to have their pictures take with Kevin and their favorite puppet.

This program was certainly one of the best I’ve seen, thanks Kevin to coming to our community and giving us all an afternoon of laughter and surprises!  We really appreciate the United Methodist Church for letting us use the fellowship hall so that more children can attend our programs.

Summer Reading 2014 007 Summer Reading 2014 009 Summer Reading 2014 034

Dan Dan the Magic Man Entertains Summer Readers

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Jun 122014

Dan Dan the Magic Man, Professor Science, Bunny Einstein and Quintin entertained the Ness City Public Library Summer Readers on Tuesday, June 10th at the United Methodist Church.  Professor Science had invented the ultimate time machine.  Now you may not believe this librarian; but if you ask any of the children attending this informative and entertaining program, they will certainly tell you that it worked!  We saw it with our own eyes – Bunny Einstein was transferred into the future!

The audience spent 45 minutes laughing and in awe at the wonderful magic tricks of Dan Dan the Magic Man, as well as the clever science experiments demonstrated by Professor Science and his assistant, Quintin.  Several of the children in the audience also helped with the tricks and experiments.

Twenty-five children and 9 adults attended this program.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  A very special thanks to the United Methodist Church for letting us hold this program in fellowship hall.  Thanks also to Nancy Marshall for keeping the library open while the regular staff was hosting the “Fizz Boom Read” magic & science show.  See more photos on the Dan Dan the Magic Man Page at the left side.

2014 Dan Dan the magic man 019