Fifth Graders Visit Dr. Einstein’s Lab & Café

The final class activity for the Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading Program brought four fifth graders to Dr. Einstein’s Laboratory and Cosmic Café.

Don’t let anyone tell you that 5th graders are to old to read to –  they are not!  Dr. Einstein (Jean) read the book, “It’s a tornado” and we had some good discussion about tornados.  We finally rounded up just enough bottles so that they could create ‘tornados’ in a bottle.  This time we didn’t have the food coloring, but decide that we could see the rotation of the debris better with just the clear water.  The kid enjoyed decorating their treasure boxes, and creating unique sand art in small light bulb shaped bottles.

Dr. Steinein (Laurie) preformed an experiment with a plastic bottle that she had drilled a hole in, filled it with water and put on the cap.  When she uncovered the hole the water did not come out through the hole.  The pressure in the bottle held it in.  Squeezing the bottle or releasing the cap allowed the water to escape.  The kids also had fun sorting the pepper flakes from the salt crystals by using static electricity.  The library has a great selection of scientific experiment books.  Many of them use things you can find around the house.

The special four-course meal was served to the participants.  Some of the favorites were Quark Soup, Petrie Dish, Proton Pie and Titanium Electrons – pudding, pizza, Oreo cookies, and M $ Ms respectively.

While they ate their four-course meal, Jean asked each child to give her an example of a noun, verb, adjective, etc. which ended up composing a very funny story entitled “Fizz, Boom, Eat!”

5th grade 2014 SR 001 - Copy 5th grade 2014 SR 002 - Copy 5th grade 2014 SR 004 - Copy 5th grade 2014 SR 005

Kevin Horner Ventriloquist/Illusionist Performs for Summer Readers

What a great time the Ness City Library Summer Reader’s had this past week with Kevin Horner, ventriloquist/illusionist, and his puppets: the rabbit in the hat, Coconut the monkey and Sheldon the turtle.

Mr. Horner is a three time ‘Peoples Choice Award’ winner in the art of ventriloquism.  He resides in Bonner Springs, Kansas, and travels throughout eight states to perform for schools, libraries, corporations and the military.

Kevin presented a delightful program to 27 children and eight adults at the United Methodist Church on June 25th.   Following the program, children had a chance to have their pictures take with Kevin and their favorite puppet.

This program was certainly one of the best I’ve seen, thanks Kevin to coming to our community and giving us all an afternoon of laughter and surprises!  We really appreciate the United Methodist Church for letting us use the fellowship hall so that more children can attend our programs.

Summer Reading 2014 007 Summer Reading 2014 009 Summer Reading 2014 034

Dan Dan the Magic Man Entertains Summer Readers

Dan Dan the Magic Man, Professor Science, Bunny Einstein and Quintin entertained the Ness City Public Library Summer Readers on Tuesday, June 10th at the United Methodist Church.  Professor Science had invented the ultimate time machine.  Now you may not believe this librarian; but if you ask any of the children attending this informative and entertaining program, they will certainly tell you that it worked!  We saw it with our own eyes – Bunny Einstein was transferred into the future!

The audience spent 45 minutes laughing and in awe at the wonderful magic tricks of Dan Dan the Magic Man, as well as the clever science experiments demonstrated by Professor Science and his assistant, Quintin.  Several of the children in the audience also helped with the tricks and experiments.

Twenty-five children and 9 adults attended this program.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  A very special thanks to the United Methodist Church for letting us hold this program in fellowship hall.  Thanks also to Nancy Marshall for keeping the library open while the regular staff was hosting the “Fizz Boom Read” magic & science show.  See more photos on the Dan Dan the Magic Man Page at the left side.

2014 Dan Dan the magic man 019

Robot Contest Kicks Off Summer Reading Program

Sixteen summer readers used their imagination and creativity to design and built robots for our first week activity of our “Fizz Boom Read” summer reading program. Each child will receive a mini pizza certificate for their efforts.  Thanks kids for taking part in this activity.  The robots will be on display here at the library, so stop by and see them.  Librarian, Laurie Dinges, designed ‘Fizz-Bot’ the Library Robot.  He holds the treasurers that the children can choose from each week during their visit to the library.   As you can see by  the colorful papers around the bulletin board, the kids are busy reading (each paper represents a book read).   There were more at the top, than we did not get in the picture.  We hope to fill the wall by the end of our program!

Robot contest 2014 006 Robot contest 2014 005 Robot contest 2014 004 Robot contest 2014 003 Robot contest 2014 002 Robot contest 2014 001


Book Signing for Local Author, Myron Stenzel

authorNess City Public Library will be hosting a books signing for Myron Stenzel, former Ness City resident, on June 21, 2014, from 9 a.m. to noon here at the library.  Myron’s first book “Keep the Light” has been published through Tate Publishing.  Myron will share his experiences in writing and getting his book published, as well as offer his autographed book for sale during this time.  Please join us for a morning of friendship and inspiration as Myron presents his new novel.

Check out Myron’s web page at

Lap Sit Story Time

Ness City Public Library had a great group of children and their moms at our Lap-Sit Story Time this past Thursday morning.

We had fun singing “Good Morning to You,” “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and “The More We Get Together.”

Miss Jean read the book, “Beautiful Bananas” by Elizabeth Laird.  The little girl in the story is going to visit her granddad and she decided to take him a bunch of bananas. However, on her walk through the jungle she meets several animals who also like her gift.  We discovered that there were eyes watching Bernice on her journey.  The children had fun finding the eyes hidden in the jungle trees and vegetation on each page.

The kids enjoyed playing with the building blocks for awhile before it was time to choose their books to take home.  Miss Jean also gave each child a book, compliments of the library.

There will be no Lap-Sit Story Time in June or July.  We do hope that the children continue to come to the library and take part in the Summer Reading Program.

Lap Sit Story Time 5-22-2014 001 Lap Sit Story Time 5-22-2014 004 Lap Sit Story Time 5-22-2014 006 Lap Sit Story Time 5-22-2014 011 Lap Sit Story Time 5-22-2014 010 Lap Sit Story Time 5-22-2014 013


2014 Summer Reading

The Ness City Public Library is ready to explore through the many facets of science with our Summer Reading Program – Fizz, Boom, Read!  This six-week program is free, but the children must be enrolled to take part in any of the activities.

Parent may enroll their pre-school through sixth grade children at the library from May 20th to 30th; and our program begins on June 2nd.  Most of our activities are planned for first through sixth grade ages; however, we do offer a few programs that the pre-school and kindergarten kids can attend.  The ages are based on this year’s completed grade level.  For example, if your child finished Kindergarten, he/she will be in the Kindergarten age group for summer reading.

The librarians have been experimenting with some pretty exciting activities and thus far have not blown up the library!  On June 10th, our friend Dan Dan the Magic Man will perform his own magic and scientific experiments to entertain and encourage our summer readers to keep reading.  We have invited a new performer, Kevin Horner, and his menagerie of puppets to captivate and amuse us on June 25th.  Additional activities of games, experiments, crafts and some rather scientific snacks will be held for boys and girls in grades 1st through 6th.  Schedules will be giving out with the enrollment packets.

Please call the library at 785-798-3415 if you have questions about our summer reading program.  We look forward to six weeks of powering up with books and electrifying our minds, so we hope you will join us in the fun as we “Fizz, Boom, Read” here at the Ness City Public Library.

Circus Time – Story Time

We are starting our “spring” (hopeful thinking) story time here at the Ness City Public Library.  We will hold a class on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoon for boys and girls ages 4 to Kindergarten.  Children must be enrolled to participate.  There is no charge for these sessions.

Our theme is  ‘Circus Time’ and we have planned stories, games, crafts and activities based on people, animals and other things you might find at the Circus.  This first week we will be clowning around, so hope you have enrolled your child so we can begin our fun time here at the library!  Our sessions run for six weeks.

Circus Time - Story Time 001

Zinio E-magazines now available to Ness City Public Library patrons


Zinio, the world’s largest newsstand, offers full color, interactive digital magazines for your enjoyment. Browse from your library’s collection of popular titles with no holds, no checkout periods, and no limit to the number of magazines you can download. The Southwest Kansas Library System Zinio Project, is a joint venture between the libraries in southwest Kansas and the Southwest Kansas Library System to provide digital magazines for library patrons.  Before setting up your Zinio accounts, you will first need to have a Ness City Public Library card.
Go directly to the Zinio Library Portal
Getting Started:
You will need to create two (2) accounts to use Zinio for Libraries.
• One account for the Library portal where you can check out magazines for free.
• One account with to read magazines and manage your library online or via the Zinio app on your mobile device.
Both accounts must use the same email address in order to synch properly. If you create a Library Portal account using a different email address than your existing account, you can edit your account to change your email address on record to match.
Please be aware – You can only check out magazines for free via the Library portal. If you subscribe to any magazine directly through or the Zinio app – you will be charged for it. and the Zinio app offer “Free Samples” but these are not free magazines from the Library. If you choose to partake of any of these “Free Samples” you will be asked to pay for them after a certain number of issues. may send you emails offering you the opportunity to pay for a subscription to a magazine that you receive through the Library portal.
You do not have to pay for any magazine that you checked out through the Library portal. To opt out of promotional emails from Zinio, sign in to your account at, hover over your name in the upper-right and click Account settings. On your account settings page, click Preferences on the left and change your Email Preferences.
Creating your Account on the Library Portal:
1. On the Library portal – click Create New Account in the upper-right corner.
2. Enter your library’s access code + your library card number. The library access code for is a 4 or 5 digit code you can obtain from your library.
3. In the pop-up window – enter your name, email address, and the password of your choice. So you would enter something that looks like abc12345678.
Once your account is created, you’ll automatically be logged in and can begin to browse the Library’s collection and check out magazines.(Directions for Creating your Zinio Account are below the Browsing the Library’s Zinio Collection directions)
Browsing the Library’s Zinio Collection:
There are three ways to browse the Library’s magazine collection:
1. Scroll through the cover display.
2. Conduct a title search.
3. Select an option from the drop-down topics menu.
Creating your Account and Checking Out Your First Magazines:
1. When you find a magazine you want to check out, click on it and then click Complete Checkout
2. You’ll be presented with the option to Start Reading or Continue Browsing.
3. When you’re ready to start reading, you’ll be redirected to and asked to create your account there.
4. Enter your name, email address , and the password of your choice.
5. You also have the choice of whether or not you wish to receive promotional emails from These emails are not affiliated with the your local library.
6. Click Register.
Your new magazine will now appear in Your Library on
PLEASE NOTE: If you already have an existing account, you can sign in with it to complete your check out.

For further questions, call the library at 785- 798-3415.


Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Week

The Library Director,  Jean Schlegel, spent the week visiting preschools in the Ness City area.  On Tuesday she visited both the morning and afternoon classes of Mrs. Brenda Horchem at the Ness City Public School.  On Wednesday morning, Ms. Jean traveled to Bazine and read to Ms. Brenda Ballines’ class at the Western Plains South preschool, and on Thursday she  braved the ice and visited the children at Mrs. Lona Ratliff’s Sacred Heart Preschool.

This years’ Kansas Reads to Preschooler book selection was “Dog’s Colorful Day” by Emma Dodd.  After reading the story to each class, we retold the tale of dogs colorful day by letting the children add the various colored spots to ‘dog’ using paint dobbers.  The children enjoyed counting and repeating the colors and what caused that particular spot on dog.  We thank Laurie Dinges for drawing an enlarged version of ‘dog’ for us to tell our story.

Each child received a copy of the book, “Dog’s Colorful Day” compliments of the Ness City Public Library.  Below are some of the children.  I appologize to the Ness City preschoolers, as I forgot to take my camera when I visited your school.

021 022 023 008